Slash bureaucracy: transform the EU into an innovative and economic superpower

Smart climate action, realistic goals

Transfer the asylum process outside the EU:s borders

Finally it’s official: I am honored to announce that the Finns Party has nominated me as a candidate for the upcoming European elections!

In this text, I will briefly introduce myself, describe what policies I would pursue in the EU, and recount how I would do it. Furthermore, if you even partially agree with my politics or rhetoric, I will tell you how you can help my campaign.


Joonas Kiviranta, 32 years old, from Tampere. Holder of a Master’s degree in engineering (aeronautical) and a Licentiate of Engineering (geoscience). City councilor since 2021. My values combine aspects of liberalism and conservatism, economically I am on the right. Perhaps the term ‘classical liberalism’ would provide a reasonable approximation of where I stand.

In addition to my technical expertise, I can offer you a strong international background and extensive language skills. I’ve spent an aggregate of more than 10 years of my life in the US, Germany, and Sweden, so I can promise relatively good English, fluent German and Swedish, moderate French, and some Dutch proficiencies. You can judge my language skills from the videos posted further down.

I would like to make the case that you probably won’t find many other candidates who can communicate their views as efficiently and concisely in English, or who can operate in as many languages. I enjoy and thrive in an international environment, as I grew up in one, and can guarantee you that I could operate at a high level in Brussels if you were to trust me with your vote. Furthermore, my educational background has helped to develop a literacy in reading scientific text and natural science, so I would know how to separate the wheat from the chaff in e.g. climate policy.


I value the four freedoms in the EU, i.e. the free movement of goods, persons, services, and capital, and support the Finnish membership in the EU. However, the EU has strayed on to a path of ever-increasing bureaucracy and central planning, in lieu of fostering economic growth and innovation via the free market. In these elections, you as a voter have a genuine opportunity to help the EU pivot towards more common-sense right-wing politics.

I have a particular interest in climate and energy, immigration policy, and a more laissez-faire economic policy. In climate policy, I sympathize with many points made by ecomodernists. I believe that the EU must base its decisions on science and cost-benefit analyses. For instance, the full potential of nuclear energy in the EU still remains untapped due to dogmatic, anti-scientific forces in the Union. Hydrogen shows great potential, but we must be careful as to how to best promote its use in a way to maximize emission reductions. Emission reduction goals must be realistic and technology neutral, and climate policy shouldn’t be used as an excuse for promoting unrelated ideological projects.

In immigration policy, the EU must work hard to finally stop the unnecessary deaths of thousands of migrants at sea by moving the asylum process outside of EU borders. This would disincentivize attempting the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, help vet those who are truly in need of help, and create predictability for the entire system. Furthermore, it would minimize the security risks posed by irregular migration as well as reduce the prevalence of human trafficking. If a person fulfills the criteria for asylum, protection can be granted outside of the EU.

In economic policy, I would advocate for more frugal public spending, and unfettering the potential of the free market by slashing stifling bureaucracy. An extensive list of all unnecessary bureaucracy would be an exhausting read, but it would include at least requirements for increasing the share of renewable energy sources instead of focusing on lowering emissions with any technology, nature restoration regulation that could end up costing Finland billions of euros, or the micromanagement of various plastic products. Instead of drafting new public subsidies, the union should focus on increasing competitiveness and removing obstacles for the functioning of the free market. The EU prides itself as a regulatory superpower, but I would much rather see the identity of the EU shift towards a powerhouse of economic freedom, growth, and innovation.


I do my due diligence and research before drawing conclusions on a new topic. I had the privilege of preparing a speech on the EU’s hydrogen bank proposal from a Finnish perspective for the plenary session of the European Committee of the Regions earlier last year, so you can get a glimpse of how I could communicate in that setting. The video recording of this speech can be found after this text.

I believe in cooperation across party lines, so I am always up for dialogue with colleagues. I strive to find some common ground in order to eventually be able to discuss political differences in a constructive manner.

On many issues, Sweden is closest to Finland. However, one can certainly find common interests with many other countries, such as France or Poland in energy policy, the Netherlands or Germany in economic policy, or Denmark or Estonia in immigration policy. My message is that I would try to find such connections and turn them into action. There is always more strength in numbers than an individual MEP or country.

Why and how could you help?

I aim for moderate, common-sense, solution-oriented politics. I don’t pretend to know everything, and focus on my strengths. If you’ve read this far, you may have found some thoughts in this post worthwhile. In this case, I would hope that you would agree that regardless of your potential voting decision, I could be a net-benefit in Brussels. Therefore, I would appreciate your help.

I’m not very well known, so the most urgent need is boosting visibility. The easiest way to help is to follow my account and to like and share my updates. You can always contact me, for example via e-mail at, and am open to ideas and suggestions. I appreciate any feedback. I will gladly talk at events or podcasts. If the EU elections happen to come up in your discussions, sometimes just dropping a name is enough to let people discover a potential candidate. For discussions or following my campaign, you can use the hashtag #Kiviranta2024 on X.

If you would like to support my campaign financially, there will be an opportunity for this at a later time, once I formally start my campaign. At that time I will also publish my campaign website, where I will elaborate on my political standpoints.


My identity has always been primarily “Finnish” but all the years spent abroad have also left their mark on me. I hold the languages and cultures of Europe dear, and would therefore be honored to represent Finland and the Finns Party in Brussels.

The upcoming campaign will require a lot of elbow grease, and I am ready to put in the work to fully realize my potential. My goal is to offer you, the voter, a convincing, refreshing, and easy-to-approach alternative in these European elections. The work starts now. Let’s get this show on the road!

PS. Here are the mentioned videos:

Speech on the hydrogen bank at the committee of the regions:

Sample in English:

Sample in German:

Sample in Swedish:

Sample in French:

Sample in Dutch: